Body Burden

Have you ever heard the term body burden?

Body burden refers to the total amount of toxic chemicals in your body at a given time, for example, arsenic, lead, mercury, or PCB to name just a few.

Body burden has become a critical health and environmental problem. It affects us all and can cause health problems ranging from cancer and diabetes to infertility and autism. It affects all ages – even our babies before they are born.

Scientific organizations, such as the Environmental Working Group (EWG), estimate that most of us have stores of hundreds of environmental contaminants in our bodies. Babies are born already carrying a toxic load of as many as 265 different chemicals in their bodies, and breast milk is rife with environmental pollutants.1 These toxins are coming from our foods, water, air, household cleaners, cosmetics, plastic containers, building materials, and about a million other places.

This burden not only comes from the increase in environmental toxins that we are exposed to, but also by the lack of nutrition that we are getting which decreases our innate detoxification processes in our body.

Next, let's uncover the environmental toxins lurking in our environment.